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Working together to create a health and wellness plan to support achieving lifelong sustainable fitness goals.

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I know that everyone has unique challenges.  I will work with you to give you the tools you need for lifelong success in achieving health and wellness goals and increase confidence and quality of life.

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Realize A Healthier You

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Plan For Success

We will set long and short term achievable goals, a weekly action plan, identify challenges and how to manage them when and if they come up.


A Healthier You

We will meet to go over how your week went, celebrate the successes and look at the challenges.  In identifying the roadblocks we can look at the coming up week, and use what we've learned to help strive for higher success.


Strength & Stamina

If one-on-one training is what you need to get that extra push, I can design a unique program just for you specific to your fitness goals.

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My Fitness Journey

I am single parent who did not discover a passion for fitness and making healthier choices until I was 35 when I went to my first Boot Camp Class.  Since then, I made the choice to start making my health and wellness a priority and with dedication, discipline, hard work and lots of fun mixed in, I have now participated in 40+ running events, became a certified kettlebell, bodyweight an animal flow instructor and as a result realized how much I love helping others to reach their fitness goals. I know that for my success, working out in group settings keep me accountable to myself and others and that sometimes having an outside source other than yourself can give you that extra push you need.  What started out as a hobby and self care has led me down a path I could have never predicted and now as I get older I actually feel better, healthier and happier with each passing year. I truly found my passion and my wish is to help people uncover what makes them feel better and lay the groundwork for making sustainable changes in their lives as well.

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Eloise literally leads by example. Whether she is coaching you through the perfect push-up or applauding you through the goal you never thought you would reach. She is a beacon! I would recommend Eloise to anyone looking to improve their fitness routine, at any level!

Sam T.

Eloise coaches and guides you along your overall health journey. She gets to know you, your struggles, and your likes. She challenges you, she supports you, and she is your cheerleader. She will always look for ways to help you find a better you while appreciating all that you are in the moment.

Jenifer W.

I met Eloise when I first started working out at our local gym almost three years ago. Since then I have watched Eloise do her inner work, and make her fitness a priority. What is most inspiring to me is that she approaches fitness not only from a physical aspect but also a spiritual aspect. It is truly mind, body and soul for her. She walks the talk and does not practice what she has not already done. She holds herself accountable to her goals, and is brave enough to be vulnerable with you. She is fierce and compassionate, she is playful and firm, she meets you right where you are at to support your journey.

Shazia A.

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